Actively Engaging Congress Through Strategic Public Relations

Are you looking to get your message in front of Members of Congress? Compass Public Relations is here to help you advocate your organization’s issues at the right time and to the right people through targeted federal campaigns. We’ll assist in identifying your organization’s priorities to foster engagement with policymakers and their staff, media outlets, and key external audiences.

Here are ways that the Compass PR team can advance your advocacy efforts to shape policy and public opinion:

  1. Schedule site visits to your organization with Members of Congress and their staff
  2. Coordinate letters from advocacy groups, business associations, and subject matter experts to Members of Congress
  3. Gather placement of Op-Eds in local and national media outlets
  4. Craft tailored and clear messaging to help all stakeholders understand the importance of your organization’s issues

Team Spotlight: Addison Pruitt

Addison connects the dots between government advocacy and communications on behalf of Compass clients. Prior to joining Compass, he served as Communications Specialist for the U.S. Architect of the Capitol, where he coordinated messaging and led outreach initiatives to House Members, staff, and key congressional stakeholders.

As the former Chief of Staff to the Chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland, Delegate Darryl Barnes, Addison led the office’s marketing and strategic communication efforts, serving as a liaison for constituents on all legislative activities.

Addison has also worked with several nonprofits and businesses, providing consulting services in brand identity, graphic design, web development, and multimedia.

Montgomery County Black Chamber of Commerce

On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, the Montgomery County Black Chamber of Commerce hosted several Black and minority businesses for an emergency townhall to discuss contracting opportunities and MBE participation within the Montgomery County government.

In a short marketing window, the Compass team served as the lead public relations arm for the townhall, providing the following services to make this gathering :

  • Deigned event branding and invitation
  • Designed and managed the registration page
  • Provided press support
  • Coordinated email communications to all registrants

MBE Night in Annapolis

Our Compass PR team led the branding and marketing efforts for the 2022 MBE Night. Over 400 minority businesses joined in Annapolis on Thursday, April 28 for an evening centered around opportunities in procurement and capital.

The event featured a host of state legislators, state agency officials, panel discussions, and a presentation from the U.S. Small Business Administration. It was an honor to work on this event from start to finish.

Throughout the process, we established a brand identity, designed all marketing collateral, and developed an all-inclusive website (, allowing attendees to register, access key event information, and view media from previous MBE Nights.


The Compass PR team helps manage and operate a variety of nonprofits and associations. Our services span coordinating meetings and events, membership management and recruitment, and handling financial and compliance matters.

One of our specialties is fundraising! Are you looking to host an event to raise funds for your nonprofit, raise awareness for your company, or something else? We can help!

Whether it’s a small fundraising event, a large-scale fundraising event, or even grants – the Compass Public Relations team is here for you.

Elections, Ballot Measures, and Grassroots Advocacy

With warmer weather on its way, many are looking forward to the beaches and vacations. However, at the same time, candidates in Delaware, Maryland and DC at the local, state, and federal levels are gearing up for their Primary and General Elections this summer and fall. In addition, voters will have to decide on an array of ballot initiatives in the coming months on a range of issues.

Compass PR can help get your message out to the candidates and their constituents. We can also help frame issues before the voters to ensure the passage or defeat of ballot initiatives. Compass PR has the tools to inform voters with phones, digital media, text messages, and mail.

Consider reaching out to Compass PR now to devise your strategy, frame the issue, and execute the advocacy plan.

Building Emails That Open & Engage Your Audience

Every day we receive tons of emails. From breaking news to product launches to event reminders, we are constantly inundated with content from individuals or brands in hopes of us taking an action; However, that isn’t always the case because not all emails get seen!

So, what motivates us to click on an email when it arrives in our inbox?

The truth is that emails are only as good as the reader who views them. You could be offering the deal of a lifetime, but your messaging needs to grab your reader’s attention.

Compass PR is here to help with your email marketing with just 5 easy steps!

  1. Start with an engaging subject line
    Your subject line should be clear, enticing, and connected to the content in the email. Ensuring that the subject line aligns with the body of the email will help build trust and loyalty with your reader.
  1. Use a fluid layout
    Incorporate a layout that’s easy to follow and consistent throughout your campaigns. It should also match your brand’s color scheme and identity. A great source of inspiration is to look at email layouts you’ve received from brands you consistently interact with.
  1. Keep it concise
    Always put the most important information at the beginning. Readers generally do not want to read long text. Ensure that your email is easy to skim through and digestible through a quick read.
  1. Have a clear call to action
    A call to action rounds up the reader’s journey, serving as an intuitive action step based on the content provided in your email. It should directly link to your website, a form, or service with the goal of converting readers into customers.
  1. Segment your contacts into lists
    Segmenting your contacts into lists helps provide unique value based on interest and the different content you’re offering. When lists are segmented, it enables you to send targeted campaigns that help boost engagement.

Branding in the New Year

A new year ahead means it’s time to set new goals and resolutions!

Is your company’s branding a part of that list?

Navigating at the intersection of advocacy and communications, Compass takes a strategic approach in understanding our client’s needs and their target audiences to steer brand identity, design, and development. So whether your business needs a new logo, marketing collateral, or content creation, our team is here to help you get a head-start to the new year!

Shaping Public Opinion: The Power of Patch-Through Phone Calls

Compass Public Relations often works in tandem with lobbyists to affect policy. One tool that can be effectively employed is patch-through phone calls. Compass PR works with clients to frame a message for or against legislation and then facilitates targeting key legislators who may play a decision-making role on such issue. Then dozens – or even hundreds – of live constituent phone calls are generated into legislators’ offices on a particular issue. This is an important tool to advance or defeat legislation! If you would like to augment your lobbying strategy with phones, please let us know.

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