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Founded in 2018 by preeminent lobbyist Hannah Garagiola, Compass Advocacy is headquartered in the heart of Annapolis. In addition, we operate a government relations and law office in downtown Rockville, Maryland. We also advocate in Dover, Delaware. Our team is comprised of passionate lobbyists, consultants, creatives, attorneys, and problem-solvers ready to advocate for our clients.



Why Compass?

Each Compass business can work independently or synergistically to meet a client’s needs. Oftentimes, a client uses the services of all three businesses to accomplish their objectives. We work together efficiently with spirit, hunger, and dedication.

Mission Statement

In a team-driven model, help clients navigate challenging issues – whether in the legal, government relations, or public relations realm.

“At Compass, it is important to adapt often to ensure the best results for oneself, the team, and the client.”

Our Values

Since our inception in 2018, the Compass family of businesses has incorporated values that are not just words.
Our values say who we are and what we strive to be each day.

Hire only exceptional people and engage only exceptional clients.
We take great care in identifying team members and clients. We only want to work with the very best.

Value employee diversity as a strength and elevate all voices of the Compass team.
We embrace different backgrounds and perspectives and recognize this value as critically important to moving Compass forward on behalf of its employees and clients.

Support personal and professional growth of each employee.
Every Compass team member is always learning how to be a better person and to further excel in their role.

Recognize that all employees are equally critical components of a team approach.
Our team comprises everyone from the staff assistant to the President, and all have an equally important role in moving Compass forward.

Engage the client by being an integral part of their team with passion and energy to address their challenges.
We believe in our client and work to advance their goals and objectives.

Strive to have the very best reputation with partners in the private and public sectors.
It’s important to us foster an impeccable reputation among all people that we interact with in the course of our professional and personal dealings.

Give back to the community.
We live, work, and play in our communities. It is important to give back in large and small ways. We focus on this year-round.


Compass’s objectives are to create a supportive environment for employees to be the best they can be and bring a team approach to each client engagement. We strive to maintain a continued passion and drive to the team effort to deliver the best results for each client and seek to perform at the top of one’s game and as the best team. Compass Advocacy’s employees strive to adapt often to ensure the best results for oneself, the team, and the client, as well as hold each other accountable to team objectives to ensure success.

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