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Each Compass business can work independently or synergistically. Oftentimes, a client uses the services of all three businesses to accomplish their objectives. We work smartly, efficiently, with energy, passion, and dedication.

Government Relations

Compass Government Relations is a team that can reach every level of government in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. We walk the halls of Congress and state capitals, including Annapolis, Dover & Harrisburg. In addition, we have an extensive lobbying practice before local governments in Delaware, the District of Columbia, and Maryland. Compass represents Fortune 500 corporations, trade associations, and nonprofits in nearly all sectors, and our reach extends to local governments in each jurisdiction.

Public Relations

As the communications and public affairs practice of Compass Advocacy, Compass Public Relations is a team of consultants, creatives, and policy enthusiasts passionate about helping clients solve challenges that matter the most. Working at the intersection of business and government, our versatile experience enables us to take on projects ranging from grassroots coalition building to content creation.

Law Partners

Compass Law Partners provides a broad array of legal services for our clients. Our attorneys can assist with legal matters such as business law, civil litigation, estate planning, certain tax matters, and more.

The Compass team became a student of our industry’s unique complex matters and utilized their expertise to successfully advocate on our behalf.

– Axel Carrion, UPS

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