Team Spotlight: Addison Pruitt, GR Partner

This past weekend, Addison was awarded by the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus at the Chairman’s Farewell Reception for his service to the caucus. Addison previously served three years as Chief of Staff for Legislative Black Caucus Chairman, Delegate Daryl Barnes.
The reception was a part of the 27th Annual Legislative Weekend hosted by the Maryland Black Caucus Foundation at Live Casino & Hotel.

We are so proud to have Addison on our team!

Post-Elections Grassroots Advocacy

Now that General Elections are in our rear-view mirror (even if votes are still being counted…), we will look forward to General Assembly Sessions approaching in 2023.

With Maryland’s session opening on January 11, and Delaware’s starting January 10, you may need to begin to develop a strategy to shape public and legislator opinion.
Compass Public Relations can help you and your association, coalition, or organization generate emails to members’ elected officials in favor or against an issue or bill introduced. We can create websites that route emails to legislators, as well as create portals to ensure ease while getting your messaging through to decision makers.

This can be a simple add-on to a current contract, or an engagement on its own, the sky is the limit! Compass Public Relations is here to help you navigate 2023.

Holidays and Estate Planning

The holiday season is just around the corner, and while that means that there will be delicious baked goods everywhere and your favorite movies on TV and great deals on all sorts of treasures, it also is a season of family and friends. Between travel and gifting buying and family traditions (both beloved, and otherwise), it’s hard to escape reflecting on family this time of year, regardless of what feelings that stirs up.

No matter what your family has been through in the 12 months, this is a good time of year to dust off those estate planning documents and remind yourself which important jobs you delegated to which sibling, uncle, child, or friend. Who has the power to manage your financial life or your health care decisions if you aren’t in a position to do so yourself? Who would have the power to manage your affairs after you pass away? Is your cousin really still the best person to be a back-up guardian for your kids, or did she commit to the ugly sweater competition with a little too much enthusiasm this year?

Here at Compass Law Partners, we routinely meet families whose loved ones died without estate planning documents, or whose most recent will was circa 1984. Loved ones come to us unsure of what to do if there aren’t documents in place or are unsure how to manage documents that are so old they’re hardly useful anymore. We are always happy to assist, but always do so knowing that there are ways their loved ones could have made the process easier for them.

We recommend you pair that trial version of the side dish you’re making for Thanksgiving with a review of your estate planning documents. We’re always on call to update or create new documents for you.

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