2024 Session Updates

The lobbying team at Compass Advocacy has been diligently advocating for our clients during this legislative session. Whether it’s been engaging legislators, testifying in committees, hosting advocacy days, or closely monitoring legislation, Compass can do it all!

Session might be the busiest season, but we like to be where the magic happens!

Maryland Session Update:

Today is Crossover! 69th Day of Session:
Each Chamber to send to other Chamber those bills it intends to pass favorably. Opposite Chamber bills received after this date subject to referral to Rules CommitteesBudget

Tax Legislation
  • HB1515 – Services Tax
    • This bill did not move out of committee this past weekend. In the off-chance it were to move out of the House today, it would be sent to Senate Rules, where it would likely die. We anticipate to deal with more tax issues within the next year, or next session.
  • SB766 – Tax Omnibus Bill “Fair Share for Maryland Act”
End of Life Options Bill
iGaming Bill
Renewable Energy & Solar Bills 
  • SB1054 Local Government – Building Permits for Residential Solar Energy and Residential Energy Storage Systems
  • SB1082 Solar Energy & Energy Storage – Development and State Procurement
  • HB1328 Solar Energy and Energy Storage – Development and State Procurement
  • SB1083 Public Utilities – Electric Distribution System Planning
  • HB1221 Battery Storage and Solar Arrays Safety Training Grant & Fund
  • HB1407 Solar Siting
  • SB532/HB468 Battery Storage
Voir Dire Bill
  • SB0827 Courts and Judicial Proceedings – Jury Examination and Workgroup to Study the Voir Dire Process


Delaware Session Update:

Delaware’s Legislative Session runs from January 8-June 30, 2025.

Offshore Wind

  • There is a procurement bill coming, though there is no bill number yet, stay tuned!

Budget and cost of healthcare has been a big topic

Education funding

Cannabis in Delaware


Read More Here: http://mailchi.mp/compassadvocacy/compass-gr-march-navigator-9656172

Taking Action this Legislative Session

Thinking about how to effectively advocate your organization’s priorities to legislators and key decision-makers? Our team specializes in crafting targeted campaigns to generate emails, & texts mobilizing members of your organization to reach the right legislators. This personalized approach ensures that constituents and advocacy groups can engage directly with their representatives based on their district and specific concerns, whether it’s a particular bill or topic area. With Compass PR, you can elevate your advocacy efforts to influence policy and public opinion.

At Compass Public Relations, we excel in tailoring messages for your intended audience, be it for your business, association, or coalition. Effective messaging is key to shaping public perception and understanding of the issues that matter most to you. Collaborating closely with our clients, we craft compelling narratives to present to policymakers and media outlets. From framing the messaging to developing arguments and creating visual materials, we ensure your message resonates across various platforms.

In the past few weeks, we partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Maryland (NAMI – MD) to launch Advocacy Action Alerts, empowering constituents to reach out to their legislators on critical issues facing the General Assembly. Through one targeted campaign, we developed messaging and implemented an advocacy outreach system.

The outcome was remarkable: 203 advocates took action to send 2,212 emails to members of the Maryland General Assembly, urging their support for legislation crucial to mental health in the state.

Read More Here: https://mailchi.mp/compassadvocacy/compass-pr-navigator-march-2024-9655996

Legislation Updates: Potential Impacts to Your Business Operations in 2024

As we dive into 2024, the legislative landscape surrounding employment and business in the Mid-Atlantic region is undergoing significant changes, with a plethora of bills introduced in both the Maryland General Assembly and the Delaware Legislature. With over 2,700 bills proposed in Maryland alone and hundreds in Delaware, the business community is poised for potential shifts that could affect operations and workforce management.
Maryland Bills:
Navigating the intricacies of these legislative changes can be daunting for businesses, but proactive measures can help mitigate risks and ensure compliance. Seeking guidance from legal experts at Compass Law, can provide invaluable support in understanding the implications of these legislative developments. We can help implement strategies to adapt to the evolving regulatory environment.Don’t wait until it’s too late—contact us now to schedule a consultation with Compass Law and safeguard your business against potential legal challenges.

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