Legislation Updates: Potential Impacts to Your Business Operations in 2024

As we dive into 2024, the legislative landscape surrounding employment and business in the Mid-Atlantic region is undergoing significant changes, with a plethora of bills introduced in both the Maryland General Assembly and the Delaware Legislature. With over 2,700 bills proposed in Maryland alone and hundreds in Delaware, the business community is poised for potential shifts that could affect operations and workforce management.
Maryland Bills:
Navigating the intricacies of these legislative changes can be daunting for businesses, but proactive measures can help mitigate risks and ensure compliance. Seeking guidance from legal experts at Compass Law, can provide invaluable support in understanding the implications of these legislative developments. We can help implement strategies to adapt to the evolving regulatory environment.Don’t wait until it’s too late—contact us now to schedule a consultation with Compass Law and safeguard your business against potential legal challenges.

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