DC & Federal Lobby Days

Lobby days present advocates with a prime opportunity to interact directly with legislators and key decision-makers. This direct engagement offers a unique platform to voice concerns, share personal anecdotes, and present compelling arguments in favor or against a cause. By participating, advocates wield significant influence over policy decisions.

Navigating the process of engaging with federal lawmakers may initially appear daunting, especially if you’re unsure where to begin. However, Compass Advocacy specializes in managing various federal client portfolios and can provide valuable assistance. With a proven track record, we’ve successfully facilitated engagements between federal lawmakers and constituents nationwide. Whether it’s organizing fly-ins to Washington, D.C. for lobby days alongside state delegations or arranging site visits across the country, Compass Advocacy stands ready to connect you with the decision-makers most pertinent to your cause.

Below pictures from a lobby day with a client – hosted a lobby day with several constituents from around the country. Snow or shine, we’ll be lobbying on the hill!
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