Delaware Elections 2024 Overview

We last covered Delaware’s Elections in our November, 2023 Navigator. Since then, there have been some updates, changes and further running announcements from candidates, including Governor Carney, who is running for Wilmington City Mayor.

In this edition, you will find Primary Election candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, dates and deadlines, and we’ll even cut to the Maryland Primary Election Results!

As always, reach out to our Delaware lobbyist, Alex Shull McKitrick for any questions about Delaware.

Advocacy Action Alerts

Empower your organization’s advocacy with Action Alerts!

We specialize in targeted campaigns, mobilizing members through personalized emails and texts to connect directly with legislators. Our tailored approach ensures engagement on specific concerns, elevating your influence on policy and public opinion.

At Compass Public Relations, we craft effective messages for your audience, whether for business, association, or coalition. Collaborating closely, we shape compelling narratives for policymakers and media.

This session, we partnered with:

Maryland State Childcare Association
  • From two campaigns launched, over 7,000 emails were sent to aid in the passing of two bills. Over 600 advocates from across the state took action to contact their legislators based on district, committee, and respective chamber in the General Assembly.

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Charting Your Course: Navigating Estate Planning

Just as a seasoned traveler consults a map to chart their course, every person, regardless of age or wealth, should embark on the journey of estate planning. At Compass Law, we understand that estate planning is not a static destination but a dynamic trip that requires reassessment and adjustment. With our experienced legal navigators at your side, you can confidently traverse the changing legal terrain and ensure your legacy is protected and preserved.
Like points on a map, your estate plan should encompass various elements to provide thorough coverage and direction for your future. Here are the key coordinates that Compass Law can help you navigate:

  1. Waypoint Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills: These foundational documents serve as your guiding stars, outlining your wishes regarding asset distribution, healthcare decisions, and appointing trusted individuals to steer the ship in case of incapacity.
  2. Lifetime Irrevocable Isles: Setting sail on the journey of lifetime irrevocable trusts offers opportunities for tax benefits and asset protection while allowing you to maintain a steady hand on the helm of your assets.
  3. Testamentary Territories: Within the boundaries of your will lie the uncharted lands of testamentary trusts, customized to meet the needs of your heirs, and ensure a smooth passage for your estate to its intended destinations.
  4. Charitable Compass Points: For those with a philanthropic compass, integrating charitable planning into your estate map allows you to leave a legacy and navigate the waters of estate taxation with greater ease.
  5. International Estate Explorations: If your estate crosses international waters, our legal cartographers are well-versed in navigating the complex channels of international estate planning to ensure smooth sailing for your assets across borders.
  6. Tax Shelter Shores: Strategically navigating the shoals of estate, gift, and income tax planning can help you minimize tax liabilities and steer your estate toward calmer financial waters.

Embark on your estate planning voyage with Compass Law as your trusted navigator. Our seasoned crew is dedicated to charting a course that reflects your unique goals and aspirations, ensuring smooth sailing for generations to come.

Don’t let your estate plan drift aimlessly – set sail with Compass Law and navigate toward a secure and prosperous future!


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Taking Action this Legislative Session

Thinking about how to effectively advocate your organization’s priorities to legislators and key decision-makers? Our team specializes in crafting targeted campaigns to generate emails, & texts mobilizing members of your organization to reach the right legislators. This personalized approach ensures that constituents and advocacy groups can engage directly with their representatives based on their district and specific concerns, whether it’s a particular bill or topic area. With Compass PR, you can elevate your advocacy efforts to influence policy and public opinion.

At Compass Public Relations, we excel in tailoring messages for your intended audience, be it for your business, association, or coalition. Effective messaging is key to shaping public perception and understanding of the issues that matter most to you. Collaborating closely with our clients, we craft compelling narratives to present to policymakers and media outlets. From framing the messaging to developing arguments and creating visual materials, we ensure your message resonates across various platforms.

In the past few weeks, we partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Maryland (NAMI – MD) to launch Advocacy Action Alerts, empowering constituents to reach out to their legislators on critical issues facing the General Assembly. Through one targeted campaign, we developed messaging and implemented an advocacy outreach system.

The outcome was remarkable: 203 advocates took action to send 2,212 emails to members of the Maryland General Assembly, urging their support for legislation crucial to mental health in the state.

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Legislation Updates: Potential Impacts to Your Business Operations in 2024

As we dive into 2024, the legislative landscape surrounding employment and business in the Mid-Atlantic region is undergoing significant changes, with a plethora of bills introduced in both the Maryland General Assembly and the Delaware Legislature. With over 2,700 bills proposed in Maryland alone and hundreds in Delaware, the business community is poised for potential shifts that could affect operations and workforce management.
Maryland Bills:
Navigating the intricacies of these legislative changes can be daunting for businesses, but proactive measures can help mitigate risks and ensure compliance. Seeking guidance from legal experts at Compass Law, can provide invaluable support in understanding the implications of these legislative developments. We can help implement strategies to adapt to the evolving regulatory environment.Don’t wait until it’s too late—contact us now to schedule a consultation with Compass Law and safeguard your business against potential legal challenges.

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Is Estate Planning Missing from Your Vacation Preparations?

As the arrival of Spring slowly approaches, numerous families are busy finalizing their vacation plans. Amidst the excitement of planning the perfect getaway, there’s often one crucial aspect missing from the typical “To Do” list – estate planning. When traveling with your family, it’s essential to have your affairs in order in case of unforeseen events. Whether facing the unfortunate circumstances of death or disability, having a comprehensive estate plan ensures that your heirs have the necessary information to carry out your wishes. Without such a plan, you might find yourself (and family) subject to State law and, potentially, reliant on a judge who knows nothing about your unique situation.
   The foundational documents in an effective estate plan are:
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Advance Medical Directive.

Despite the perception that creating an estate plan is a daunting task, the experienced attorneys at Compass Law Partners are here to guide you through the process. Our expertise ensures that your estate plan is not only completed, but also done in a timely manner.

As you gear up for your family vacation, take the time to consider the broader picture of your financial and medical well-being. A well-crafted estate plan is not just a legal formality but a crucial tool that safeguards your interests and ensures your loved ones are equipped to handle any unexpected twists that life may throw your way. Our dedicated team at Compass Law Partners are ready to assist you in this process, making sure your estate plan is not overlooked in the excitement of planning your dream vacation.

Click Here to complete your Advance Medical Directive!

New Year, New Goals: Advance Medical Directive

Compass Law has an easy check off your New Years’ Resolutions List:
Advance Medical Directives

January 1st rolls around and a new year’s resolution seems like a great idea. New Year, New You, right? But what happens when the winter drones on in March and you just want to nestle back into the couch with some cookies and cocoa. New You isn’t so exciting anymore…
But what if you could set a new year’s resolution that is an attainable goal from the beginning!?
The Resolution: Complete Your Advance Medical Directive.

Compass Law now has an EASY way to help you check this new year’s resolution box!

But first, what is it?
An Advance Medical Directive (AMD) is a legal document that allows you to designate a Medical Agent to make medical decisions for you in the event you are unable to make decisions for yourself. An AMD also allows you to express some medical treatment and end of life care preferences in the event you become unable to make or communicate those decisions yourself. This document is an important part of healthcare planning and is vital to have in place in preparation for situations where a person is incapacitated due to illness, injury, or cognitive decline.

Who is my Medical Agent?
Your Medical Agent, sometimes referred to as Healthcare Proxy, is the Primary Person(s) or Alternative Person(s) you designate to handle your medical decisions if you are unable to yourself. The alternative person(s) you designate steps into the role if your primary agent is unable or unwilling to act. A second alternative is preferred, but optional. It is important that you communicate your desires to your Medical Agent and Alternative Person(s).

How it works
Click the link below to fill out the Advance Medical Directive Form. This secure form will then be sent to our team at Compass Law via DocuSign. Once our team conducts a brief conflict check, an invoice will be sent and a consultation scheduled with our team of estate planning attorneys.

Our AMD service is billed as a flat rate!
Click here to get started!

Delaware 2024 Election Overview

There is much to cover since the end of Delaware’s 2023 Session!

Leadership Changes:

This is how it went down last June:

  • Speaker of the House, Peter Schwartzkopf who served as Speaker for a decade, stepped down.
  • He recommended Majority Leader Longhurst, and that night, she was elected to Speaker position
  • This left a vacancy in Majority Leader role
  • Democratic caucus members elected Rep. Melissa Minor-Brown as House Majority Leader

House Democrats Elect All-Female Leadership Team, Setting Historic Firsts in Delaware

Valerie Longhurst
Speaker of the House
District 15

Valerie J. Longhurst is the first female Speaker of the House in Delaware history. She was first elected to the Delaware House of Representatives in November 2004 to represent the 15th District. The district consists of 24,000 people living in Bear and St. Georges. In 2008, she was elected as the House Majority Whip and served for four years. After the 2012 election, her caucus elected her House Majority Leader. In June 2023, she was elected Speaker of the House. –

Melissa Minor Brown
Majority Leader
District 17

Rep. Melissa ‘Mimi’ Minor-Brown is determined to make a difference by using her platform as a springboard for change, advocacy, and empowerment for her community. Rep. Minor-Brown knows what it means to work hard. She is an American success story, pulling herself up as a single teenage mother to evolve into a licensed practical nurse, to a registered nurse with a master’s degree in Executive Leadership, graduating Cum Laude from Wilmington University, to now serving as a legislator in Delaware’s House of Representatives. On a broader scale, Rep. Minor-Brown serves as the Region III Chair for the National Black Caucus of State Legislators. –

Governor’s Race

Governor John Carney’s two terms as Delaware Governor ends in 2024! Below are the candidates for Governor in Delaware.

Bethany Hall Long
Lt. Governor (2017-2024)

Dr. Bethany Hall-Long has served as Delaware’s 26th Lieutenant Governor since 2017. As a member of the Democratic Party, she served in the Delaware House of Representatives from 2002-2008 and in the Delaware Senate from 2008-2017. –

In the news:
How Hall-Long’s refusal to release audit findings sparked elections reform talks

Check out her campaign website here.

Matt Meyer
Newcastle County Executive (2017-2024)
In 2016, Matt Meyer was a sixth and seventh grade Math teacher when he first ran for public office, defeating a heavily-favored three-term incumbent in a grassroots campaign to serve as the Chief Executive of Delaware’s largest county. –—County-Executive
Check out his campaign website here.

Lt. Governor’s Race

Kyle Evans Gay
DE State Senator
District 5

After becoming a vocal advocate for the successful Equal Rights Amendment to the Delaware Constitution, Sen. Gay was elected to the Delaware Senate in 2020, becoming the first Democrat to represent the Fifth Senate District in more than 40 years.She currently serves as the chair of the Senate Elections & Government Affairs Committee, vice-chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, co-chair of the Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee, and a member of both the Senate Transportation Committee and the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. –

Check out her campaign website here.

Debbie Harrington
Retired Army Colonel
As a Social Justice Advocate, Debbie Harrington, has been the “boots on the ground” in Delaware communities, organizing food donations, back to school supplies, health fairs, financial literacy seminars and environmental protection initiatives. She still serves on boards where she has been able to affect education and health policies for all people. She is known for getting the hard jobs done. –
Check out her campaign website here.

Sherry Dorsey Walker
DE State Representative
District 3
Representative Sherry Dorsey Walker, a native of Wilmington, Delaware, is the first Person of Color elected to the Delaware House of Representatives from the 3rd District in 2018. As well, she is First Woman and the First Person of Color elected in the 6th District to the Wilmington City Council in 2012. She earned a Masters in Film from Howard University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware in English/Journalism. She is a proud product of St. Elizabeth School, where she attended for 12 years. –
Check out her campaign website here.

Congressional Race to Watch


Colleen Davis
DE State Treasurer
Colleen C. Davis was elected State Treasurer in November 2018 and re-elected to a second term in 2022. Since taking office, Treasurer Davis has focused on three main priorities: bolstering retirement security and readiness, creating pathways to economic empowerment, and promoting a culture of financial excellence. Highlights of her first term include maintaining Delaware’s AAA bond rating, increasing return on the state’s investments by more than $58 million, and creating Delaware Expanding Access to Retirement & Necessary Savings (EARNS), an Auto-IRA program for Delaware private-sector workers not otherwise covered by an employer-sponsored retirement plan. –
Check out her campaign website here.

Sarah McBride
DE State Senator

District 1As a state senator, McBride has passed legislation expanding access to health care, requiring mental health and media literacy education in public schools, promoting green technologies, and protecting workers and families. In just her first term, McBride also passed the landmark Healthy Delaware Families Act, providing paid family and medical leave to workers throughout the First State and marking the largest expansion of Delaware’s social safety net in decades. She currently serves as chair of the Senate Health & Social Services Committee, and a member of the Senate Banking, Business, Insurance & Technology, Education, Executive and Judiciary committees. –

Check out her campaign website here.

Eugene Young
Director of Housing Authority
Delaware’s Director of the Delaware State Housing Authority, Eugene R. Young, Jr. was appointed to
his current position by Governor John Carney in May of 2021. In cooperation with other state agencies and advocates, Director Young drives DSHA’s mission to provide and assist others to provide, quality, affordable housing opportunities and appropriate supportive services to low- and moderate-income Delawareans. –

Check out his campaign website here.

Business Branding

Discover a distinctive approach to business branding with Compass Public Relations, where strategic thinking meets immersive execution. Our public relations firm takes a strategic and immersive approach in understanding our client’s needs and their target audiences to steer brand identity, design, and development. Compass Public Relations specialists’ creative services range from designing websites and developing presentation decks to coordinating headshots for your team.

  1. Discovery Session (1-2 Hours) – Unpacking who you are
Engage in in-depth discussions to outline your goals, brand mission, key elements and identify intended users.
  1. User Experience + Content (1-2 weeks) – Mapping it out
Design wireframes to map out the user journey and unpack what content is needed to clearly communicate products and services offered.
  1. Visual Design (1-2 weeks) – Making it look nice
Incorporate key brand elements and translate wireframes into a mockup design of the website.
  1. Development (2-4 weeks) – Bringing it to life
Utilize mockups to develop a fully responsive website using an advanced website design platform.
  1. Launch + Onboarding (1-2 hours) – Taking it live

Ensure all elements are functionable and provide training to empower you to make changes and take control of your site.


At Compass Public Relations, we are not just a service; we are your partners in establishing and executing a brand that is uniquely yours. Let us navigate the journey of shaping your business identity and ensuring it stands out in the digital landscape.

Transform your brand with Compass Public Relations – Your Success, Our Mission!

Cinderella Had a Ball… So Can You!

Planning an event can feel overwhelming but let Compass Public Relations Firm break it down for you in just 6 easy steps:


Step 1: Set Goals
Take some time when brainstorming plans for your event to set goals or intentions. These can be helpful to refer to when making decisions down the line. Your goal could be to create a space for people to network or to celebrate an accomplishment. When working with a public relations firm, goals will help define the event.

Step 2: Plan Your Location

Finding a good venue is important for the atmosphere of your event. Not only are components like adequate space and appropriate decorations important but also try to think about your location from the perspective of a guest. Is there enough signage so they can find exactly where to go? Does the location accommodate parking? Are there accessibility options if your guests need it? A public relations specialist can help plan your event location keeping all the details in mind so that your event can go off without a hitch!



Step 3: Plan Speakers

If you plan to have anyone outside of your group speak, make sure they are scheduled in advance! If you have a person in mind they need to ensure their schedule allows/knows what the message needs to be in order to answer any questions guests may have. Public relations firms will bake speaker research and logistics into the event to ensure all runs seamlessly. This helps with overall event organization and management, but if the speaker has a good experience they are more likely to return to a future event.



Step 4: Promote Your Event

Sending out paper invitations can feel daunting. Try and use other ways to get the word out about your event. Social media can be a great tool for guests attending to share the event in order to encourage others to come.
Key Tip– Events sneak up on people, especially if they are planned far in advance. Consider reminder emails or text messages to give guests a heads-up that you are looking forward to seeing them.



Step 5: Execute Your Event

The day has come to execute the event. Get lot’s of rest and promote on social media up until start time! Make sure the music is set and the bathrooms are clean, put on a big smile and enjoy!



Step 6: Prepare For Post-Event
To best plan for after the event, it is sometimes good to go back and look at your goals. You may want to put together social media campaign strategy and gather content for promoting an annual event. Maybe there were things that did not work that might have helped the event be more successful. Keep track!
Compass Public Relations Firm is here to help you plan and execute all types of events and any other public relations services for your organization. Session is quickly approaching, get started today!
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