2023 Delaware Session Updates

On March 7th, both the Delaware House and Senate resumed their 2023 session after their February break.

Here’s what Delaware is tracking, and what’s coming up:


  • Across the entire country, states including Delaware and Maryland, are enacting legislation to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. Although unsuccessful last legislative session due to a veto by Governor Carney, the Delaware House is attempting once again to legalize the possession, sharing, use, and purchasing of up to one ounce of cannabis for those who are 21 or older. Emphasis is being placed on regulating the market and helping businesses adapt to this new measure.
    • Bills to Watch:
      • HB1: Removes all penalties for use or possession of a personal use quantity of marijuana. Those 21 or older may possess, use, display, purchase, or transport accessories and personal use quantities of marijuana without penalty
  • Voting is the core principal of America’s democracy but, historically, many barriers have been put in place to keep specific groups from voting. To this day, there is legislation in many states to restrict voting rights and make it more difficult. During this session, Delaware has a few bills that are focused on voting rights.
    • Bills to Watch:
      • HB43: Allows Delaware voters who are not affiliated with a political party to vote in a political party’s primary election. This bill will allow 170,000+ unaffiliated Delaware voters to have their voice represented in the primaries
      • SB57: This Act provides Delawareans with confidence that the votes they have cast will be honored when the Electoral College meets to decide the outcome of presidential elections
  • This session, Delaware has a couple of bills prioritizing actions to decrease the adverse effects of unsustainable and harmful practices. Earlier this year, the EPA awarded Delaware with a couple million dollars to upgrade infrastructure for the sake of public health and to protect essential waterways. Both Governor Carney and the Delaware legislature highly prioritize environmental policies.
    • Bills to Watch:
      • SB51: Prohibits single-use  plastics such as straws and coffee stirrers, and polystyrene foam containers in food establishments


March 2023 GR Navigator

Team Spotlight: Hannah Garagiola

Lobbyist Hannah Garagiola is the president of Compass Advocacy, a lobbying group she founded in 2018 that has offices in Annapolis, Rockville and Dover, Delaware. Her clients include the Maryland General Assembly, local governments throughout Maryland, Fortune 500 businesses, trade associations and more.

She is the former deputy chief of staff to the late Thomas V. Mike Miller, the former Maryland Senate president.

What is the most valuable habit you have developed?

The most valuable habit I’ve developed is definitely taking time for myself. It prevents burnout and allows you to better enjoy what you do. Early in my career, I hardly ever did that and now that I have more responsibility and two small children, I really have to take time to unwind. Whether it is to spend time with friends, date nights, working out, cook leisurely or get away, I am better and fresher when I can gain perspective from a mental break.

What is the biggest challenge facing government leaders in Maryland?

Government officials have to balance the various important priorities for the state. Whether it is great schools, a clean environment, less traffic, public safety or literally hundreds of other crucial issues, leaders in the state need to figure out how to manage those competing interests.


View the full list here.

Wrapping Up Black History Month with MBE Night!





For the second year, Compass PR coordinated branding and media relations for the Minority Business (MBE) Night in Annapolis. This year’s event attracted over 700 businesses from throughout the state and featured top state officials including special guest Governor Wes Moore. We developed the website, print and digital signage, program collateral, and facilitated media coverage.

Read what the Afro and WYPR had to say about the event:


See more photos here.

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2023 Employment & Business Legislation To Affect Your Business

More than 2,200 bills have been introduced in the Maryland General Assembly and 150 bills have been introduced before the Delaware Legislature. In Maryland, legislation has been introduced to:

  • Accelerate minimum wage increases;
  • Modify a law that will require most businesses to make contributions to a paid family leave insurance program; and
  • Prohibit non-compete clauses in certain circumstances.

In addition, the District of Columbia has made recent changes in laws affecting restrictive covenants. Now it’s more important than ever review your business and employment policies, including employee handbooks and employment agreements. Compass Law can help. Reach out now for a consultation.


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