Get Your Annual Business Physical Now to Ensure Good Corporate Health

Just like your personal health, your business requires regular checkups to ensure it’s operating in optimal condition and facing minimal risks.

Consider the following essential questions:

  • Have you held the required annual corporate meeting or prepared an annual resolution?
  • Have you updated your Employee Handbook?
    • Certain provisions can mitigate business liability.
  • Do you have an operating or stockholder agreement?
    • Has it been reviewed/updated for recent changes in law?
  • Does your business use Employee Agreements?
    • When were they last reviewed?
    • There have been federal/state law changes concerning non-competes & other restrictive covenants.
  • When was the last time your client contracts were reviewed?

Schedule your annual business physical today by reaching out to your local business law attorney, Rob Garagiola at


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Time To Revisit Employee Handbooks, Policies, & Agreements

There has recently been a slew of changes and new trends in Maryland employment law that require all businesses to revisit their employee handbooks, policies, and agreements. Below, we discuss recent labor law developments and how Compass Advocacy’s employment attorneys can help. 

  • Paid Family Medical Leave is coming to Maryland: The state is expected to announce employer/employee contribution rates to the system this October and contributions will be required 1-year later with benefits set to begin on January 1, 2026.
  • The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: A federal law, this act took effect less than 2 months ago and requires certain businesses to provide “reasonable accommodations” to a worker’s known limitations related to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions.
  • Federal and State Governments are Moving to Ban Non-Competes: The Federal Trade Commission has proposed regulations curtailing non-competes and the National Labor Relations Board published a memo taking the position that non-compete agreements violate federal law in certain circumstances. In addition, many states, including Maryland and DC, have taken recent actions limiting non-compete agreements.

With these and other changes in employment law, and to limit potential liability, now is the time to revise your policies. Compass Law Partners’ Rob Garagiola ( specializes in employment law and can help you navigate these policy changes and update your employee handbooks and agreements. Contact our employment and labor lawyers today.

New Laws Require Business Tune Up

New laws in Maryland will:

  • Accelerate minimum wage increases to $15/hour;
  • Establish employer/employee contributions to Maryland’s soon-to-be implemented Paid Family Medical Leave Act; and
  • Prohibit non-compete clauses in certain circumstances.

In addition, the Federal Trade Commission is proposing regulations to ban non-compete clauses.

The bottom line: It’s critically important for all businesses to review their business and employment policies, including employee handbooks and employment agreements.

Business owners – even single-member owners – should also review their operating/buy-sell agreements at least every 3-5 years.

Compass Law can help update your employment and business agreements to meet your needs as laws continue to change. Reach out now for a consultation.


May 2023 Law Navigator

2023 Employment & Business Legislation To Affect Your Business

More than 2,200 bills have been introduced in the Maryland General Assembly and 150 bills have been introduced before the Delaware Legislature. In Maryland, legislation has been introduced to:

  • Accelerate minimum wage increases;
  • Modify a law that will require most businesses to make contributions to a paid family leave insurance program; and
  • Prohibit non-compete clauses in certain circumstances.

In addition, the District of Columbia has made recent changes in laws affecting restrictive covenants. Now it’s more important than ever review your business and employment policies, including employee handbooks and employment agreements. Compass Law can help. Reach out now for a consultation.


March 2023 Law Navigator

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New Year, New Business

Whether formalizing a consulting gig, protecting assets, or owning rental property, the New Year is a good time to set up that LLC – limited liability company.

In setting up an LLC, there is more than just filing online.

  • Have you decided how to be taxed?
  • Have you prepared an initial organizing resolution?
  • Have you prepared an operating agreement?
  • Are you doing business in other states?

Even if you are the sole owner of your LLC, you should do all of the above to protect your personal assets and the assets of the LLC.And if you are doing business in multiple states, you may need to file foreign registrations with such states.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to consult with Compass Law Partners to properly set up and maintain your business, as well as handle other business legal matters.

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Family Medical Leave

The Maryland General Assembly has passed legislation that will establish a new family and medical leave insurance program that will be applicable to businesses with 15 or more employees. While the bill is still awaiting final enactment, it is nearly certain that it will become law and take effect on June 1, 2022.

Under the program, both employers and employees would have to contribute to a new fund that would establish a state family and medical leave insurance program. The new program will likely get underway after the Maryland Department of Labor promulgates regulations, which are anticipated in June 2023.

As this is going to eventually affect most Maryland businesses, it will be important to have an employment law attorney to ensure proper compliance. Compass Law can help you navigate this new family and medical leave insurance program as well as other laws affecting businesses.

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The Compass PR team helps manage and operate a variety of nonprofits and associations. Our services span coordinating meetings and events, membership management and recruitment, and handling financial and compliance matters.

One of our specialties is fundraising! Are you looking to host an event to raise funds for your nonprofit, raise awareness for your company, or something else? We can help!

Whether it’s a small fundraising event, a large-scale fundraising event, or even grants – the Compass Public Relations team is here for you.

Elections, Ballot Measures, and Grassroots Advocacy

With warmer weather on its way, many are looking forward to the beaches and vacations. However, at the same time, candidates in Delaware, Maryland and DC at the local, state, and federal levels are gearing up for their Primary and General Elections this summer and fall. In addition, voters will have to decide on an array of ballot initiatives in the coming months on a range of issues.

Compass PR can help get your message out to the candidates and their constituents. We can also help frame issues before the voters to ensure the passage or defeat of ballot initiatives. Compass PR has the tools to inform voters with phones, digital media, text messages, and mail.

Consider reaching out to Compass PR now to devise your strategy, frame the issue, and execute the advocacy plan.

Employment and Business Law Legislation Could Affect Your Business

As of today, February 7, 2022 1548 bills have been introduced in the Maryland General Assembly and 325 have been introduced before the Delaware Legislature this session.

In Maryland, House Bill 8 would establish a family and medical leave insurance program, which would impose additional taxes on employers – up to $536/employee – to fund the employee leave. There are also bills to modify Maryland’s wage and hour law requirements and that would change the law affecting limited liability companies – or LLCs.

In Delaware, SB 1, Healthy Delaware Families Act is the bill that I think should be highlighted. This legislation would require employers with 25 employees or more to provide up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave to their employees. This bill has momentum and was highlighted by the Governor in his recent State of the State address.

Now it’s more important than ever to engage a firm that can represent your interests before the legislative branches in Maryland or Delaware. Changes are coming that could affect your business.

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Set Up your Annual Business Physical Now

Much like getting an annual physical to ensure good health, it is critically important to do an annual check-up for your business. Whether a single-member LLC that merely owns real estate or a professional business, there are a few things that should be done each year to reduce liability, protect one’s personal assets, and to ensure the good health of your business. Have you held your annual meeting? Do you have an operating agreement – even if a single-member LLC? Has it been updated for changes in case law or statute to protect your personal assets and that of the business? As 2021 begins to wind down, now is the time to make sure your business is in good health.

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