Team Spotlight: Hannah Garagiola

Lobbyist Hannah Garagiola is the president of Compass Advocacy, a lobbying group she founded in 2018 that has offices in Annapolis, Rockville and Dover, Delaware. Her clients include the Maryland General Assembly, local governments throughout Maryland, Fortune 500 businesses, trade associations and more.

She is the former deputy chief of staff to the late Thomas V. Mike Miller, the former Maryland Senate president.

What is the most valuable habit you have developed?

The most valuable habit I’ve developed is definitely taking time for myself. It prevents burnout and allows you to better enjoy what you do. Early in my career, I hardly ever did that and now that I have more responsibility and two small children, I really have to take time to unwind. Whether it is to spend time with friends, date nights, working out, cook leisurely or get away, I am better and fresher when I can gain perspective from a mental break.

What is the biggest challenge facing government leaders in Maryland?

Government officials have to balance the various important priorities for the state. Whether it is great schools, a clean environment, less traffic, public safety or literally hundreds of other crucial issues, leaders in the state need to figure out how to manage those competing interests.


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