Brace Yourselves: Session Is Coming

The Maryland General Assembly convenes on January 10, 2024 & the Delaware General Assembly convenes on January 9, 2024.
Though it might seem like January is out of sight, strategic advocacy takes time to prepare and create a plan for our team to attack as soon as the cannon fires.Choose your weapon to fight for your cause this Session:

Patch-through phone calls (“PTP Calls”) are an important grassroots advocacy tool. Under a PTP Calls program, targeted legislators would receive phone calls from their constituents advocating for/against a bill/amendment/policy.
Compass PR can help design and execute an email campaign that enables individuals to send emails to legislator’s offices urging a position on a specific issue. We help develop the messages, build the arguments, and create materials to deliver and amplify our client’s message across a variety of channels.
Understanding public opinion is critical – as public sentiment can have a significant impact on real policy decisions. Polling helps to garner a deeper understanding of the public’s thoughts, opinions, and beliefs on specific topics or issues. Compass Public Relations Partners will help design your questionnaire, collect the data, and provide valuable insight into the responses.
A coalition is the “joining of forces” between two or more independent organizations with shared interests. Coalitions are a great way to gather influence over specific subject matter because they can exert more power than a single organization alone. However, building and maintaining a coalition can feel like a daunting task – Compass has the expertise to guide you through the process!
Make sure you are equipped for the upcoming Session!
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