Compass PR: Political Strategy

The legislative session has convened in Maryland and Delaware, so it’s time for your organization’s voice to be heard. In today’s complex and information-saturated world, simply having a good cause and dedicated supporters may not be enough for your coalition or campaign to thrive. At Compass Advocacy, our Public Relations services act as a multiplier for your efforts, bringing years of advocacy experience and long-term relationships with the legislature. Through our industry expertise, large network, and tested political campaign strategies, we position our clients in front of key legislative allies that produce tangible results. 

Working at the intersection of business and government, our public relations firm develops authentic and compelling campaigns that mobilize constituents to support or oppose policies heard before state, local, and federal governments. As part of such services, our public relations specialists can facilitate patch-thru phone calls from constituents to legislators, letters to elected officials, polling and public opinion surveys, and much more. Additionally, identifying influential figures is essential for gaining traction and achieving your goals. Our team leverages targeted campaign strategies to find and engage committees, legislators, or third parties with your messaging. 

While your grassroots campaign or coalition may be passionate and dedicated, Compass can provide crucial amplification, such as phone, website, and email strategies to boost your message to the right decision-makers. Broad exposure and compelling narratives strengthens your voice, builds public trust, and increases your chances of making an impact. In the unique political landscapes of Delaware and Maryland, Compass can help your organization navigate the many legislative and public relations nuances–get started today!


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