The Importance of Having a Will for your Children

With all the hype surrounding all of the twos last month, it made me think about the terrible twos and those of us with minor children.

No matter what stage our children are in, parents know their needs better than anyone else. As parents, we should be the ones to decide how to best meet those needs, whether we’re here to take care of our children ourselves or not. If you and the other parent of a child die, it is imperative to have a Will where you decide who will serve as the guardian of your minor child(ren). Without it, a court will decide who is “best suited” to care for them.

Not only could this take a very long time and become very expensive, but it could easily create enemies among your living family members (who may feel they are better suited than the others to care for your children). Your children need you to make that choice for them the same way they need you to help them through those terrible twos, pick them up from soccer practice, and teach them why the music of your generation is better than theirs. The best way to do so is to create a Last Will and Testament.

The attorneys at Compass Law Partners can help you through this process to make sure your children are in the best hands in the event you aren’t able to be with them in their formative years.

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