Maryland’s 2024 Legislative Session: Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

April 8, 2024

As the clock strikes midnight tonight, the curtains will close on Maryland’s 2024 Legislative Session with Adjournment Sine Die. It’s a moment that signals the end of intense debates, passionate advocacy, and tireless work by lawmakers and organizations alike. The final day of the session is often marked by a flurry of activity, as legislators rush to finalize bills and tie up loose ends before the gavel falls.

For organizations involved in advocacy and government relations, the conclusion of Maryland’s session brings both reflection and anticipation. With legislative attention shifting away from Maryland, it’s time to redirect focus towards neighboring states.

Here’s what this transition means for your organization:
  1. Shift Focus to Delaware and Pennsylvania:
Delaware’s session ends on June 30, 2024, presenting an opportunity to engage with legislators in the First State. Pennsylvania’s session operates year-round, providing ongoing avenues for advocacy efforts. Utilize various communication channels, from emails to text messages, to continue reaching out to legislators in these states.
  1. Government Relations Services Extend Beyond Maryland:
Our government relations services remain available to facilitate engagement with lawmakers in Delaware and Pennsylvania. We have relationships and extensive knowledge in state legislatures as well as local governments, and at the Federal level. Find out more about our Government Relations services.
  1. Launch Grassroots Campaigns:
Start grassroots campaigns to broaden your advocacy scope & mobilize constituents and voters at the federal, state (Pennsylvania & Delaware), and local levels to help support, or oppose, policies pending before legislative or regulatory agencies. Learn more about How an Advocacy Service Provider Can Help with Grassroots Campaigns.
  1. Reflecting on Maryland:
Begin coalition building and strategic planning for the 2025 legislative session in Maryland. Identify legislative priorities and opportunities to capitalize on momentum for the next session. Collaborate with our Public Relations team to build and cultivate relationships with allies, third parties, and internal and external stakeholders. Compass Public Relations can also build and manage coalitions focused on specific issues and policies, bringing together a variety of individuals and organizations to advocate together in strategic and coordinated ways.

As Maryland’s legislative session draws to a close, the work doesn’t end; it merely evolves. By shifting focus to neighboring states, continuing advocacy efforts, and planning for future sessions, organizations can ensure that their voices are heard and their objectives are advanced. As we bid farewell to Maryland’s 2024 Legislative Session, let’s look forward to new opportunities and challenges on the horizon.
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