How to Get the Most Out of Your PR Firm

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Organizations cannot operate in isolation. On the contrary, your company’s public image is paramount to its relationships with stakeholders, clients, and partners. A favorable reputation and positive public image can give your organization an edge over competitors. Professional public relations firms, such as Compass Advocacy, are your helping hand in achieving these ends. Making the most out of your public relations firm requires setting realistic goals and expectations and then remaining flexible.

Organizations seeking an effective public relations firm can rely on Compass Advocacy. With expertise across multiple fields, our PR team is equipped to take on diverse projects ranging from coordinating media days to creating on-brand content. We are passionate about helping clients tackle publicity challenges that matter. To learn more about our public relations services, call (443) 343-7143 today!

Below, we discuss how to maximize the benefits of your public relations services:

Set Realistic Expectations and Objective Goals 

When you start with a PR firm or consultant, work with them to set goals and outline how to achieve them. Do you want to increase annual revenue? Or recruit new employees? Not only will objective goals guide PR messaging and efforts, but they will also help you measure the success of your campaign.

However, while smart public relations can help organizations achieve their goals, those organizations must do their part in achieving success. For example, your organization must be prepared to respond to phone calls and questions if your PR efforts succeed in introducing your brand to new clients. Moreover, if your firm’s messaging explicitly mentions attentive customer service, your operations must support that claim.

Setting realistic expectations about your public relations firm’s role compared to your organization’s helps ensure you can capitalize on these efforts.

Work as a Team

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Your public relations firm can’t deliver results unless you give them the tools to do so. Therefore, as public relations specialists are helping you to build your brand, provide them with all the nitty-gritty details of your organization. PR specialists who cannot work with the organizations they serve deliver limited (even incoherent) communications, undermining your objectives. So, provide your PR firm with as much information as possible about your organization, including its vision and current happenings.

Along the same lines, commit to your involvement in the public relations process. Successfully shaping public opinion demands you and your PR specialist keep up to date with one another and work toward the same goals. Respond to your specialist regularly and keep the line of communication open.

Be Flexible

No one-and-done public relations method exists—as your situation changes, your approach must evolve. On the contrary, successful public affairs strategies are achieved through consistent effort and quick adaptation to opportunities and challenges. Be receptive to suggestions from your PR firm. If your objectives aren’t being met, consider reorienting your strategy.

Team Up With a Reliable Public Relations Firm!

Organizations seeking a trustworthy public relations firm can turn to Compass Advocacy. No matter your objectives or vision for your company, our team of consultants, creatives, and policy enthusiasts will help you achieve them. Call (443) 343-7143 today to learn more about our public relations services.

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