Ellen Davis

Director of Staffing, Facilities, IT & Compliance



Ellen wears many hats on the Compass management team. She directs all maintenance and upkeep in our two offices, including furnishing, engaging contractors, and acquiring supplies. Ellen also works closely with our IT contractors and employees concerning all technology needs. In addition, she works closely with the Vice President of Operations on human resource matters, with respect to employee hiring and on-boarding. Ellen also assists with lobby registration and compliance matters.
In addition to Ellen’s management roles, she Chairs the firm’s Sustainability Committee where she has facilitated energy-saving and recycling measures for Compass as well as in the community.

Prior to joining Compass in early 2020, she spent 5 years working seasonally in environmental education and adventure tourism. She has held positions such as visitor services intern at Seney National Wildlife Refuge in Michigan, ski rental tech, and whitewater rafting reservations agent in Colorado. She worked in the field as an educator on the Chesapeake Bay, as well as a group leader in Denali National Park where she led learning vacations across the state of Alaska.

Originally from Harford County, Maryland, Ellen holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and Sustainability, with a Minor in Dance from Northern Michigan University. She enjoys hiking with her husband, dancing the tango, crafting, and being in the mountains.