Social Justice

Maryland is a leader in championing progressive legislation that celebrates all our citizens and protects their freedoms. The Partners at Compass have a long history of working with non-profit clients to pass legislation and galvanize the Legislature into action.  


Marriage equality, end-of-life options, police reform. These are just a few of the areas Compass and its partners has been front-and-center on behalf of our clients. Social justice issues require a different approach and tact. These are hot-button issues and warrant a deft touch. Advocacy requires engagement not just with a specific committee of the legislature but working with every member of the General Assembly to secure their support. However, it extends to the governor’s office. Social justice initiatives are often controversial and ripe targets for vetoing by a governor. Compass engages across the entire Maryland General Assembly and Executive Office to ensure our clients are in the best position to make their initiatives a reality.  


Compass has represented Marylanders for End-of-Life Options (MDELO), Arnold Ventures, and our partners represented Marriage Equality.  

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