Hannah Powers Garagiola is the founder of Compass Public Relations & Consulting Partners. She understands the intersection of public policy, political messaging, branding, and grassroots advocacy. As a private sector lobbyist for 14 years, she has also helped clients navigate media, communication, and political campaign strategies to educate decisionmakers. Hannah has represented fortune 500 businesses, major energy developers, infrastructure companies and large trade associations. 

As Deputy Chief of Staff to the late Maryland Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller, Jr., and staff to the Maryland Senate Democratic Caucus, Hannah honed her skills on various political campaigns over multiple election cycles. She gained valuable experience working on a Maryland gubernatorial campaign. As a veteran on statewide and national campaigns, Hannah uses her skills to help clients educate policymakers on complicated issues by employing multi-faceted grassroots and grasstops tactics to meet client needs.  

Hannah has been awarded Leading Women Awards by The Daily Record as well as a Very Important Professional (VIP) Award. She has also been awarded Annapolis’ Finest Under 40 award. 

Hannah is married to former Maryland State Senator Rob Garagiola and they have 2 young children together and a Jack Russell named Oyster. A former collegiate sailor, Hannah can be found cruising the Severn River with her family when she isn’t working.  She also enjoys cooking, entertaining and travel.