Compass Government Relations Partners has represented a broad array of energy clients in Delaware, the District of Columbia, and Maryland. We have been involved with legislation affecting solar and wind development, energy storage, transmission, and off-shore wind, and have been at the forefront of multiple expansions of the Renewable Portfolio Standard in multiple states. In addition, we have been engaged on behalf of energy developers before several local governments to facilitate project development.


Compass Government Relations Partners has also represented several trade associations, including the American Clean Power Association (formerly the American Wind Energy Association), CCSA (Coalition for Community Solar Access), MAREC-Action (Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition), and USSEC (Utility-Scale Solar Energy Coalition).




Practice Members

Rob Garagiola, Former Maryland Senate Majority Leader heads our Energy Practice Group. He served on the Senate Finance Committee, which has jurisdiction over all energy-related legislation, for nearly a decade.


Hannah Powers Garagiola staffed the Senate Finance Committee for over a half decade and has been lobbying on energy issues for nearly 15 years. 


Moira Moynihan Cyphers represents an array of energy associations and renewable energy developers. She also heads our national conference planning on behalf of energy clients.


Isaac Meyer represents solar energy clients and developers before the Maryland General Assembly and local governments. Isaac has also represented an array of non-profit environmental organizations.


Alex Shull, who heads our Delaware lobbying practice, has represented various energy clients before the Delaware legislature and local governments.

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